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Judy L Schmidt, MD, FACP

Hematology, Internal Medicine, Oncology Adverse Drug Side Effects, Analysis of Medical Errors on Patient Quality of Life, Causation Analysis, Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer, Failure to Follow Chemotherapy Guidelines, Failure to Follow Established Clinical Guidelines, Informed Consent, Plaintiff and Defense cases for all parties, Standard of Care Montana […]

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Bradley E Layton, PhD, PE

Accident Reconstruction, Biomedical Engineering Accident Reconstruction, Accidents, Biomechanics, Construction Accidents, Construction Safety, Diabetes, Dynamics, Electrical Engineering, Energy, Engineering, Failure, Failure Analysis, Forensic Engineering, Forensics, Imaging, Injury, Machine Guarding, Materials, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, Metallurgy, Nanotechnology, Neurology, Neuropathy, Patents, Personal Injury, Physics, Proteins, Renewable Energy, Safety Codes & Standards, Scientific Misconduct, Slip Trip and Fall, […]

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