L. Lamar Blount – CPA/CFF, FHFMA

Atlanta, Georgia

General Specialty

Health Insurance
Insurance Standards of Care
Medical Billing

Specialty Focus

Business Damages
Business Insurance
Business Valuation
Disability Insurance
Employment Insurance
Forensic Accounting
Health Care Litigation
Health Insurance
Insurance Agent
Insurance Broker
Insurance Fraud
Managed Care and HMO's
Medical Billing
Medical Fraud
Medical Insurance
Medical Malpractice
Medical Records
Medical Valuation
Nursing Homes

Primary Areas of Expertise

Medical Billing & Medical Insurance

Hospital Insurance

Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement

Health Law Network (HLN) provides experts in medical billing, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, health insurance, false claims, regulatory compliance, clinical documentation, medical records, ICD & CPT coding, hospital and professional billing, reasonableness of charges, damage quantification, statistics and quality of care.

HLN’s founder co-authored two editions of the AMA’s bestselling “Mastering the Reimbursement Process” book, has served on the Editorial Boards for numerous healthcare industry publications, and as an Arbitrator for the American Health Lawyers Association. Since 1990, HLN and its predecessor firm has provided audits, investigations, training and consulting services to hundreds of hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers nationwide. HLN’s professionals have served as consulting experts in hundreds of cases and have been admitted as testifying experts in multiple US District Courts and State Courts.

HLN’s expertise includes: Medical Billing, Medicare & Medicaid compliance, reimbursement disputes, clinical documentation, ICD and CPT coding, hospital and professional fee billing, statistical sampling, medical damages, health and disability insurance, Affordable Care Act, forensic accounting, reasonableness of charges, Business Damages, Contractual Disputes, Cost Reports, DRGs, APCs, ERISA, False Claims, Healthcare and Insurance Fraud, HIPAA, Rate Setting, Self-Disclosure and Valuations.


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