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When you find yourself in need of expert legal assistance you should never settle for the first name you come across. Legal Experts Direct was designed to help you find highly qualified and experienced expert witnesses that best suit your specific set of needs.

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Featured Experts

Richard M. Teichner, CPA

Reno, Nevada

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Forensic Accounting

White Collar Crime

Richard A Stripp, Ph.D.

Huntington, New York

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Forensic Toxicology


Patrick Maroney

Platteville , Colorado

featured expert icon

Dram Shop & Alcohol

Accidents & Liability

L. Lamar Blount – CPA/CFF, FHFMA

Atlanta, Georgia

featured expert icon

Medical Billing

Health Insurance

Bruce Fredrics, RGA (EGA)

McDonough, Georgia

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Appraisal & Valuation

Wayne M Whalen, DC, QME

Santee, California

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Chiropractic Neurology

Jay S. Grossman, DDS

Los Angeles, California

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Kenneth J. Manges, Ph.D.

Cincinnati, Ohio

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Forensic Psychology

Vocational Rehabiliation

James Apesos, MD, FACS

Dayton, Ohio

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Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Gregg Davis, MD, MBA

Princeton, Illinois

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Family Medicine

Nursing Homes

Angel E Alsina, MD FACS FAASLD

Tampa, Florida

featured expert icon

General Surgery/Hepatology

Correctional Healthcare

Elliott H Rose, MD

New York, New York

featured expert icon

Reconstructive Surgery

Facial Trauma/Scars

Michael A. Sulzinski, PhD

Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

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Infectious Disease


David Turbay, MD FACC

El Paso, Texas

featured expert icon

Cardiovascular Disease


John Beerbower, MD, PA

Houston, Texas

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Neuroradiology/Pain Management

Interventional Spine Injections

Robert A. Campbell, MD

Dublin, Ohio

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Addiction, PTSD, Mood

P Johnny Appleweed McErlain

San Bruno, California

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Standard of Care

Lawrence Amsel, MD, MPH

New York, New York

featured expert icon

Forensic Psychiatry


Don May, PhD

Cortlandt Manor, New York

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Business and Finance

Economic Damages

Alan J. Robinson

Brookside, New Jersey

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Security and Premises Liability

Workplace Violence

Dr. Ewen C Todd

Okemos, Michigan

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Public Health

Food Safety

Robert M Anderson, CPCU

Newport Beach, California

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Risk Management/Bad Faith

Robert A Ertner, MD

Chico, California

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Medical Malpractice

Evaleen K. Jones, M.D, R.D.

Menlo Park, California

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Family Medicine

Palliative Care

Carole Lieberman M.D

Beverly Hills, California

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Forensic Psychiatrist

Emotional Distress/Abuse

Joseph Burke, MD

Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

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Diagnostic Radiology

Kit Darby, ATP

Peachtree City, California

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Richard W Carr, PhD, CDS

Jacksonville, Florida

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OSHA & Safety

David C. Wells, The Aces Inc.

Edmonds, Washington

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Accident Investigation

Charles E Stoopack, MD

Carlsbad, California

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Birth Injuries

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