Andrew Wielawski

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General Specialty

Materials Provenance
Stone Accident Analysis
Stone Failure
Stone Restoration
Stone Risk Assessment

Specialty Focus

Establishing Provenance
Marble Statues
Risk Assessment
Sourcing Materials
Stone Restoration

Primary Areas of Expertise

Stone failure& Stone Accident Analysis

Highly motivated stone technician with forty years experience in the field. Strong work ethic, extremely adaptable and exceptional interpersonal skills. Works quickly to design and implement effective solutions to unforeseen problems.


Education and Training: 

  • Studied Marble Characteristics and Workmanship under master craftsmen 1980-1984 Pietrasanta, Italy
  • Bachelor of Arts Sculpture in Architecture Syracuse University June 1977 Syracuse, NY



  • Expert in stone joinery with emphasis on mechanical fasteners and use of a variety of epoxies and other glues
  • Ability to understand what assembly mistakes were made and to draft cost effective solutions
  • Forty years experience near the world’s foremost stone center, Carrara, Italy
  • Maintains international resources for stone and related materials
  • Knowledge of stone types and their strengths and weaknesses



Expert Fabricator
Bowling Green, KY
Western Kentucky University Sep 2022 to Nov 2022

  • Recovered broken sculpture from WKU University
  • Acquired superior marble from Carrara Italy
  • Carved replacement modifying grain alignment to achieve greater strength

Expert Witness
St louis, MO
Simon Law firm Oct 2022 to Oct 2022

  • Examined collapsed stone bench which caused personal injury
  • Acquired samples of all glues mentioned in defendant’s testimony
  • Demonstrated how they could not have held up the bench under lateral stress
  • Discovered air bubbles and shims in stone joints
  • Determined cause of collapse was poor assembly

Scottsville KY
Private Client Dec 2021 to Oct 2022

  • Created clay models of sculpture to be fabricated
  • Imported two ton block of marble from Carrara Italy
  • Carved life sized angel in classic style making changes during the process as requested by client

Stone Expert
Fort Wayne IN
Private Client Dec 2021 to Sep 2022

  • Examined forty marble statues allegedly damaged by hail
  • Went to Italy to determine exact provenance of marble
  • Located merchant who sold the statues
  • Disputed defendant’s claim that because of translucency the statues could not be marble
  • Prepared ten page report with samples of similar marble from Carrara.

Expert Stone Restorer
Bowling Green KY
Westem Kentucky University Oct 2016 to Oct 2097

  • Examined large fountain to determine cause of decay and created proposed solution • Went to Italy to find matching marble
  • Lathe fabricated a replacement main bowl in Italy
  • Shipped bowl to ARW Studios in Kentucky
  • Carved decorative elements around edge to match original
  • Dismantled fountain completely, replaced bowl, restored damaged elements, eliminated cause of decay, porosity in an environment subject to winter ice. Corrected it with penetrating clear epoxy.
  • Installed drains in all bowls, asked WKU to cover the fountain in winter which was done.

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