Cloyd Steiger

Federal Way, Washington

General Specialty

Child Death Investigation
Equivocal Death Investigation
General Criminal Investigation
Homicide Investigation
Interview and Interrogation
Sex Crimes Investigations

Specialty Focus

Best Practices in Criminal Investigation
Equivocal Death Investigation
Homicide Investigation
Interview and Interrogation

I worked for the Seattle Police Department from 1979 to 2016. I became a detective in 1990. I worked as a precinct detective and then in Sex Crimes before transferring to the Homicide Unit in 1994 where I worked until I retired in 2016. During that time I worked hundreds of murders, including many of the most notorious murders in Seattle, including serial killers, mass killers, spree killers and any other type of homicide you can imagine with a very high clearance rate.

I was the Chief Criminal Investigator for the Washington State Attorney General’s Homicide Investigation Tracking System, (HITS), developed after the Ted Bundy and Green River murders in an attempt to link related murders across jurisdictional lines. I supervised all investigators and analysts in that unit. I took part in and oversaw reviews of many cold-case murders in that position.

I was the Director of Investigations Consulting for the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases, (AISOCC) where I reviewed and oversaw consultations on cold-case murders from across the country.

I frequently consult with media outlets about breaking news notorious murders around the country. I was a contributor on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, and have appeared on many nationally televised true crime television shows on Investigation Discovery, The Oxygen Network, Lifetime Movie channel and others. I participate in many true crime podcasts.

I teach interview and interrogation and homicide investigations at homicide schools around the country and speak at homicide and true crime conferences. I frequently speak at international Forensic conferences in India, Central American and Europe, as well as graduate-level university students about homicide investigation. I am the author of two books, Homicide: The View from Inside the Yellow Tape, and Seattle’s Forgotten Serial Killer, Gary Gene Grant.



  • Mission: To provide high quality trial preparation and litigation management.
  • Excellent reporting, sensitive correspondence, advocacy and professional contact.
  • Superb oral / written communication skills under adversarial conditions and deadlines.
  • Critical witness identification, investigative locate and in-depth interview process.
  • Complex research / writing related to business, law, technical and academia.
  • Outstanding self-starter, conduct activities in remote locations with little supervision.
  • Good analysis, negotiation, choice and decision making under extreme conditions.
  • Specializes in cases involving banking, corporate, real estate, family and civil law.
  • Expert Witness for criminal investigation and death investigations.



  • Seattle Police Department, 1979-2016
  • Sex Crims detective, 1992-1994
  • Homicide detective, 1994-2016
  • Chief Criminal Investigator, WA Attorney General HITS unit, 2016-2020.
  • Director of Investigations Consulting, American Investigative Society of Cold Cases, 2014-2022.



  • Instructor of Interview and Interrogation.
  • Instructor of Homicide Investigations.
  • Instructor of Child Death Investigations.
  • Instructor of Crime Scene Awareness for EMS personnel.


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