Kit Darby, ATP

Peachtree City, Georgia

General Specialty

Aviation and Aerospace
Pilot Procedures And Regulations

Specialty Focus

Aerospace Operations
Airline Pilot
Airline Pilot Career Value
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Aviation and Aerospace
Corporate Pilot
Human Resources
Labor Economics
Labor Law
Military Pilot
Negligent Hiring
Pilot Benefits
Pilot Career
Pilot Career Delay
Pilot Career Earnings
Pilot Death
Pilot Divorce
Pilot Injury
Pilot Job
Pilot Pay
Pilot Retirement
Pilot Selection
Pilot Training
Pilot Wrongful Termination
Transportation Safety

Primary Areas of Expertise

Aviation & Aerospace and Employment

Worldwide, Mr. Darby is recognized as an expert in US pilot hiring, pilot selection, pilot supply and demand forecasting, and interview preparation including: testing, simulator evaluations, medical exams and personnel interviews. He is regularly quoted in the national media – newspapers, magazines, and on television, including The Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, New York Times, Flying Magazine, AOPA Pilot, Airline Pilot Magazine, Time Magazine, Business Week, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and many more.

He is the president of Aviation Consulting, LLC in Peachtree City, GA. provides pilot career consulting to individual pilots, flight schools, government agencies, investment firms, and both domestic and international airlines. The company also provides litigation support for pilots that are delayed, injured, or have been involved in a fatal accident to determine potential lost career values and earnings capacity.

ATP: S&MEL Land (B-717/27/37/57/67/DC-8/9
CFI: Aircraft / Instrument (15 years)
FE: Turbojet (B-727/DC-8)
Part 121: CPT/FO/SO (DC-8/9;B-727/37/57/67)
Parts 121, 135, 141, 142, 91 & 63 experience

MILITARY – Retired
Instrument Examiner: F/W & R/W aircraft
Standardization IP: 5 F/W aircraft
Unit Training and Operations Officer
Maintenance Test Pilot
Flight, Ground, & Simulator Instructor

Heavy Jet (2 & 4 eng) 5,544
Instructor Pilot 2,775
Actual Instruments 2,058
Pilot-in-Command 15,210


April 2023 to Present, Sanders Aviation, ATP-CTP Instructor Pilot

NOV 12 – FEB 23 Professional Services, Instructor Pilot ATP – CTP, B-717/37/57/67, MD-88, Part 121/AQP GRD & SIM

Dec 85 – May 07 United Airlines Captain B-727/37/57/67 Domestic & Int’l Ops. Part 121

NOV 07 – MAY 14 Boeing Training Instructor pilot B-717/737-3/800. Part 121/142/AQP GRD & SIM

JUL 85 – DEC 85 Republic Airlines First Officer: DC-9. Part 121 scheduled passenger operations.

APR 81 – NOV 84 Capitol Air Captain & FO: DC-8. Part 121

AUG 78 – SEP 80 Braniff Int’l First Officer & Second Officer DC-8, Part 121

Jan 65-Dec 77, US Army, Fixed-wing Instructor Pilot and Instrument Examiner – T-41/41, U-8/21, OV-1

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