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Theodore G. Phelps, CPA, CFE, CVA

Business Valuation, Economic Damages, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation Bankruptcy, Business Interruption, Business Valuation, Construction Damages, Corporate Investigation, Corporate Turnarounds, Damages, Dispute Resolution, Dissolution, Divorce, Economic Damages, Expert Testimony, Fiduciary Appointments, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Fraud, Fraud Investigation, Fraud Investigations, Insolvency, Intellectual Property, Lost Profits, Minority Shareholder Oppression, Partnership Dispute, Shareholder Dispute, Shareholder Lawsuits, Valuation, White Collar […]

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G. Michael Phillips, Ph.D.

Business & Financial, Business Economics, Economic Damages, Forensic Accounting Affirmative Action / EEOC, Business Analysis, Business and Finance, Business Appraisal, Business Damage, Business Divestitures, Business Economics, Business Interruption, Business Issues, Business Litigation, Business Management, Business Securities, Business Valuation, Competitive Analysis, Computer Industry, Computer Systems, Computer Technology, Construction Defects, Damage Analysis, Damage Calculations, Discrimination, Economic Analysis, […]

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David Ostrove

Accounting Malpractice, Audits, Economic Damages, Financial, Forensic Accounting, Legal Malpractice Auditing, Bad Faith, Banking, Bankruptcy, Business, Business Valuation, Compensation, Economic Damages Analysis, Economics, Estates and Trusts, Estates Valuation, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation, Insurance, Intangible Assets Appraisal, Legal Fees, Legal Malpractice, Medical Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Personal Injury, Personal Property Valuation, Premises Liability, Probate, Real […]

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