G. Michael Phillips, Ph.D.

Pasadena, California

General Specialty

Business & Financial
Business Economics
Economic Damages
Forensic Accounting

Specialty Focus

Affirmative Action / EEOC
Business Analysis
Business and Finance
Business Appraisal
Business Damage
Business Divestitures
Business Economics
Business Interruption
Business Issues
Business Litigation
Business Management
Business Securities
Business Valuation
Competitive Analysis
Computer Industry
Computer Systems
Computer Technology
Construction Defects
Damage Analysis
Damage Calculations
Economic Analysis
Economic Damage Models
Economic Damages
Economic Forecasting
Economic Impact
Economic Loss
Eminent Domain
Entertainment (Intellectual Property)
Entertainment Contracts
Entertainment Valuation
Executive Compensation
Financial Analysis and Assessments
Financial Consulting
Financial Forecasting
Financial Investigation
Financial Modeling
Financial Practices
Financial Services
Financial Statements
Insurance Appraisals
Insurance Bad Faith
Insurance Claims
Insurance Financial Analysis
Insurance Industry
Insurance Valuation
Intangible Assets Valuation
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Damages
Intellectual Property Valuation
Intellectual Property-Computers
Internet / E-Business
Internet & Technology
Internet Fraud
Internet Patents
Investment Fraud
Land Use
Land Use Planning
Life / Health / Accident Insurance
Life Insurance
Litigation Support Business Valuation
Lost Earnings
Lost Earnings (Economics)
Lost Profits
Lost Profits (Economics)
Market Research
Matrimonial Business Valuation
Matrimonial Pension Valuation
Media Valuation
Mergers and Acquisitions
Mitigation of Damages
Net Worth
Neutral Evaluations
Non-Profit Entities
Patent / Trademarks / Copyright
Patent Analysis
Patent Award Plans / Royalty Sharing
Patent Damages Patent Infringement
Patents (Intellectual Property)
Pensions Valuation
Public Policy
Race/Racial Discrimination
Racial Harassment
Real Estate (General)
Real Estate Damages
Real Estate Disputes
Real Estate Economics
Real Estate Expert Witness Testimony
Real Estate Finance
Real Estate Investments
Real Estate Valuation
Regulatory Issues
Religious Discrimination
Religious Harassment
Restricted Stocks
Retirement / Pension Plans
Risk Assessment
Risk Management
Securities Arbitration
Securities Disputes
Securities Risk Assessment
Sex Discrimination
Sex Orientation Discrimination
Small Businesses Valuation
Small Cap Stocks
Spreadsheet Analysis
Statistical Analysis
Statistical Regression Analysis
Statistics & Surveys
Stock Fraud
Stock Options
Stock Transfers
Stockholder Disputes
Stockholder Litigation
Suitability of Investments
Survey Design
Theft of Intellectual Property
Trade Secrets
Trade Secrets Misappropriation
Trademark Infringement
Valuation (Real Estate)
Valuation (Securities / Commodity Futures Firms)
Valuation-Business Valuation
Wage Discrmination
Wrongful Death (Economics)
Wrongful Death (Lost Earnings)
Wrongful Hiring
Wrongful Retention
Wrongful Termination

Primary Areas of Expertise

Business, Financial and Economic Damages

Mike began his consulting career as an econometrician and statistician in 1976. Mike’s current consulting focus is on data-intensive complex litigation, statistical sampling, and financial and economic modeling. Mike has provided consulting or expert services on over 1,000 engagements and has testified in numerous federal and state courts.

An award-winning scholar, Mike has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books and scholarly monographs, more than a dozen U.S. Patents, and over five dozen published academic papers and chapters. He has delivered hundreds of conference presentations and addresses throughout the world.

Besides his affiliation with Phillips, Fractor & Company, LLC, Mike is a Professor of Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, California State University, Northridge (CSUN). He is also the Chief Scientist for the Center for Computationally Advanced Statistical Techniques in Pasadena, CA and works with MacroGrowth Advisors and Walnut Oak Capital. Previously, he served as the founding Director of CSUN’s Center for Financial Planning and Investment.



  • Ph.D. University of California, San Diego
  • B.S. Illinois State University


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Our expert witnesses and consultants provide services in economics, finance, statistics, valuation, and forensic accounting. We blend active academic careers with real-world experience and modern analytical methods, which allows them to solve difficult and complex problems. Some of the areas we address include lost profits, employment, class actions, discrimination claims, construction defects extrapolation, construction defects statistical analysis, investment issues, accounting issues, intellectual property, business valuation, forecasting, custom research, and database analysis and projects, to name a few. Strategically located in Southern California, our firm enjoys an international clientele. Visit our website at www.rule26.com for more information on how we can help address economics, statistics, finance, valuation, and forensic accounting issues you may face.



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