Joseph W Burke, MD, MBA

Specialty Focus

Body and Neurologic CT
CT Scan
Emergent Radiology
Gastrointestinal Imagining
Genitourinary Imaging
Gynecologic Imaging
Neurologic Imaging
Pulmonary Imaging
Spine Imaging
Trauma Radiology
Vascular Imaging

General Specialty

Diagnostic Radiology

Board certified, actively practicing diagnostic radiologist with over 22 years of experience. Has provided forensic case review for attorneys in numerous cases.
Extensive experience in the interpretation of Neurologic and Body Imaging studies including CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and radiographs. Has read in excess of 250,000 images.
Has practiced for the past 20 years at an institution which has one of the busiest Emergency Departments on the East Coast and is a level 1 Trauma Center. Our institution also has one of the largest Cancer Centers in the region.
Active participant and a frequent presenter at weekly Tumor, Trauma, and Gastrointestinal Conferences. Chief of the Ultrasound department for several years.
Actively participates in the teaching service of our hospital, educating radiology technology students, Medical Students, and Residents.

MD, Temple University, 1994; BA, magna cum laude, Lasalle University, 1990; M.B.A., Penn State University, 2018

22 years

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