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Jeff Soules, owner of Over the Top Aviation LLC. Dba US Aircraft Appraisals is a Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser and a member of the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO).

He has been an aircraft appraiser for over 24 years, bringing his avionics, maintenance, inspection, records review, and pilot experience to hundreds of clients. In addition, Soules has business expertise that includes serving as the President and COO for U.S. Aviation Group, helping to lead the company from a start-up to over $30MM in annual revenue.

Through his hands-on experience, Jeff has become a well-known authority in aircraft appraisals, performing both consulting and expert witness services. As a forward-thinking learner, he focuses on continuous training, comprehensive research, and detailed reporting to provide the most accurate appraisals for clients and businesses.

As part of building a solid reputation within the aircraft appraisal industry, Jeff has completed Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Continued Compliance Training, FAA Inspection Authorization, and PAAO Continued Ethics and Procedure Training. To ensure he can provide key information as an expert witness during trials, he has also completed SEAK Training.

Over The Top Aviation LLC. in Corinth, Texas can help your litigation case a success through a professional, independent aircraft appraisal or maintenance evaluation.

Expert witness valuations report for diminution of value, Maintenance fault claim or defense. Report evaluation. Etc.

With our contacts within the aviation community, we can provide appraisal services nationwide. We will supply you with a comprehensive report along with a sealed certificate of appraisal. The report contains:

  • A Detailed Examination of the Aircraft, Including a Careful Review of Aircraft Logbooks and Records
  • An Analysis of Relevant Data
  • A Detailed Inventory of the Aircraft’s Instrumentation, Avionics, Systems, and Components

Our appraisals are backed by data generated from more than 32 years of experience appraising aircrafts. Call us and see how we can help your case successful.

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