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General Specialty

Bars/Lounges/Night Clubs
Hotel, Food and Restaurant

Specialty Focus

Acts of Violence
Alcohol & Dram Shop
Coffee Burns
Customer & Employee Injuries
Food Contamination
Food Illness Defense
Negligent Security

Primary Areas of Expertise

Slips, Trips & Falls & Coffee Burns

Alcohol & Dram Shop

Acts of Violence & Negligent Security

Customer & Employee Injuries

Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security(Published in 76 Countries)

The Complete IDIOT’S GUIDE To Starting a Restaurant (Published in 76 Countries)

Restaurant Expert Witness Blog

Are you a personal injury lawyer? Are you taking on an alcohol or dram shop case? Don’t go it alone! I’m a dram shop expert witness. I’ll help you be well-equipped to win any alcohol or dram shop case. Check out my blog and contact me today. Let’s get started. đź“ž(800)300-5764

Win Your Alcohol and DRAM Shop Case

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Are you a personal injury lawyer dealing with a case involving a slip, trip, or fall accident or injury at a restaurant or bar? I can help! As a Restaurant Expert Witness, I have more than 35+ years of experience in the industry and understand restaurant liability law. Contact us today at (800)300-5764 to learn how we can help your clients receive the justice they deserve. #PersonalInjuryLawyer

How to Handle Slips, Trips, and Fall in a Restaurant or Bar

Check out this informative blog post about the potential legal risks of serving hot beverages at a restaurant drive-thru.

A personal injury lawyer can help restaurant patrons that have suffered from severe coffee burn cases.

Need help on your case? I have 40+ years of experience as a restaurant consultant and expert witness. Get in touch with me today by calling (800)300-5764 – let’s dive into this together!

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Howard Cannon has 40+ years in the Restaurant and Bar Industry specializing in Slips, Trips & Falls, Coffee Burns, Alcohol & Dram Shop, Acts of Violence, Negligent Security, Customer & Employee Injuries, and much more. He provides NATIONWIDE Services (no charge for domestic travel) for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in State & Federal Courts, with 300+ Litigation and 350+ Pre-Litigation cases to his credit. He and his firm provide unbiased expert industry opinions, analyses, consultation, expertise, and testimony. His services include, but are not limited to written reports, affidavits, testimony, and oral opinions. Howard has also written books, industry standards, course curriculum, workbooks and tests, as well as provided safety training classes of various kinds.

Howard Cannon has had dozens of restaurant-industry articles published and, during the length of his career, has produced more than one hundred restaurant-industry interviews, speeches, articles, workshops, and seminars distributed in trade magazines, newspapers, non-industry publications, television, radio, high-schools, universities, trade shows, corporate events, classes, internet distribution and company functions in markets across the United States and in countries around the world. The following is a partial listing of content authored, presented or contributed to over the last ten years:

  • Appeared on Inside Edition
  •  Appeared on The Dr. Oz Show
  • Hotel Impossible Appearance on the Travel Channel – Anchorage, Alaska
  • Dirty Little Restaurant Secrets –Anderson Cooper Live
  • Hotel Impossible Appearance on The Travel Channel –Juneau, Alaska – Alaskan Hotel
  • Hospitality and the Law –Will You Be Served? : Community College of Philadelphia –CLE
  • Boston Herald interview regarding restaurant performance
  • We are a For-Profit Franchisor! –Any Questions?
  • Using Experts to Drive Real Results seminar– International Franchise Association
  • 13+ Things You Shouldn’t Eat at a Restaurants –Readers’ Digest
  • With Food Service Equipment Cheap Can Be Costly –Convenience Store Decisions
  • Profit and Loss Closed King George Inn –The Morning Call
  • Dirty Restaurant Secrets the Kitchen Crew Won’t Tell You –Reader’s Digest
  • Does Becoming a Franchisor Make $$? –National Restaurant Association Show
  • You Have to Make Green to Be Green – The Independent Restaurateur Magazine
  • The Marketing Hot Stove Theory I and II – Bar and Nightclub Magazine
  • The State of the Restaurant Industry – Canadian Public Radio
  • Executive/Entrepreneur Interview – Fox TV News
  • Building Green Restaurants – Fox TV News, 303 the Magazine, QSR Magazine
  • 5 Secrets to Pocketing More Profits – My Food Service News
  • Restaurant Purchasing – The Birmingham News
  • Restaurant Industry Analysis – Blue Shift Research Reports
  • 6 Prescriptions for Restaurant Failure – My Food Service News
  • Spring Cleaning Starting with Your Bad Habits – Independent Restaurateur Magazine
  • Restaurant Start-up, Turnaround & Profit Improvement Boot Camps
  • We Are a FOR-PROFIT Restaurant! – Any Questions seminars
  • The Mouse Training Theory seminars
  • Hoosiers Training seminars
  • Stretch Yourself – How to get Promoted in the Restaurant Business
  • Shake the Money Tree
  • An Apple Made You Fat – Not a Big Mac
  • 10 Obvious Ways to Control Food Cost
  • Restaurant Best Practices
  • Angel Investors Have Money for Restaurants
  • Why is Hands-On Floor Management Important to Profitability?
  • 6 Management Basics for Restaurants
  • Servers Leave Money On The Table
  • Fast Start Tips for New Hires
  • Stolen Profit Preventing Theft
  • Are You Promoting Failure?
  • The Workplace Generation Gap
  • Recruiting & Keeping Key Employees
  • Impact –speeches, seminars, and videos
  • Start-Up –speeches, seminars, and videos
  • Shake the Money Tree – speeches, seminars, and videos
  • Site Selection – speeches, seminars, and videos
  • Don’t Go Sit On a Mountain – speeches, seminars, and videos

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