William R. Legier, CPA, CFE, CFF

New Orleans, Louisiana

General Specialty

Certified Fraud Examiner
Certified in Financial Forensics
Certified Public Accountant
Complex Commercial Litigation Experience with Testimony in Federal and State Courts

Specialty Focus

Accounting Malpractice
Advanced Automated Graphic Design
Analysis and Explanation of Complex Financial Transactions
Appointment of Receiver
Breach of Contract
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Business Dissolution
Business Interruptions
Business Valuations
Calculating Lost Profits
Construction Defects
Copyright Infringement
Corporate Veil Piercing
Data Analytics
Delays and Cost Overruns
Display Techniques
Evidence of Ownership
Forensic Accounting
Fraud Detection and Recovery
Identification of Hidden Assets
Including Patent
Including Separate and Community Property
Intellectual Property and Reasonable Royalties
Investigative Accounting
Lost Earnings
Marital Dissolutions
Personal Injury
Product Liability
Real Estate
Shareholder Disputes
Single Business Enterprises
Spousal Support and Tracing
Trade Secrets
White Collar Crime
Wrongful Termination

Certified Public Accountant; Certified in Financial Forensics; Certified Fraud Examiner; Extensive forensic accounting and complex commercial litigation experience with testimony in Federal and State Courts throughout the US for leading national law firms and Fortune 100/500 companies in areas including, calculating lost profits, fraud detection and recovery, mismanagement, bankruptcies, appointment of receiver, business valuations, shareholder disputes, evidence of ownership, identification of hidden assets, corporate veil piercing, business interruptions, single business enterprises, analysis and explanation of complex financial transactions, forensic accounting, accounting malpractice, marital dissolutions, including separate and community property, spousal support and tracing, lost earnings, personal injury, intellectual property and reasonable royalties, including patent, trademark and copyright infringement and trade secrets, investigative accounting, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, white collar crime, real estate, securities, product liability, business dissolution, construction defects, delays and cost overruns, wrongful termination, data analytics, advanced automated graphic design and display techniques.



  • Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Bachelor of Science Degree, 1970
  • CPA– 1974
  • CFE– 1991
  • CFF– 2008



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