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Cheraw, South Carolina

General Specialty

Accident Reconstruction
Collision Reconstruction
Commercial Motor Vehicles
Commercial Vehicle Compliance
Commercial Vehicle Inspection
EDR/ECM Downloads
Expert Testimony
Trimble 3D Scanning
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone)
Vehicle Inspections

Specialty Focus

Aerial Photography And Videography
Desktop Case Review
EDR And ECM Downloads and Analysis
Human Factor Analysis
Lamp Examination
Mapping of Accident Scene With Scale Drawing
Mechanical Inspection
Motor Carrier Compliance
Night-time Cospicuity Studies
Occupant Kinematics
Scene Inspection and Documentation
Speed Analysis
Time/distance Analysis
Towing and Storage by our Mechanic (If Needed)
Traffic Signal Studies
Vehicle Autopsy (Retired MAIT Mechanic Determines if Mechanical Failure Caused Accident)
Vehicle Examination
Vehicle Inspection
Visibility Studies

Robert Lee – Owner

Welcome to Vector Group, founded in 2018 by Steve Breland and Rob Lee, who retired as First Sergeant and as Captain from the South Carolina Highway Patrol Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT).

Vector Group specializes in commercial vehicle and automotive accident reconstruction nationwide. Being equipped with the latest technology and with over 100 years of combined reconstruction experience by a team that includes certified reconstructionist through the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).

Vector Group provides its clients with well-rounded investigations and reconstructions. All team members are retired from the South Carolina Highway Patrol where they were members of the MAIT unit, which investigated and reconstructed fatalities and high-profile accidents as well as aided other agencies in train, airplane, and boating fatalities, as well as shooting incidents.

Vector Group can provide multiple services, including but not limited to, general accident reconstruction, motor carrier compliance, event data recorder downloads and analysis, aerial photography, vehicle examination and inspection, mechanical inspection, mapping of accident scenes, photography and videography of accident scenes, and lamp examinations. Please see a more complete list in our services section. Vector Group assists private industries, attorneys, and insurance companies.



  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Expert Testimony
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Training
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone)

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