Steven Proto

Santa Monica, California

General Specialty

Appraisal & Valuation
Automobile Appraisals

Specialty Focus

.Auto Fraud Investigations
.Auto Valuation
Appraisal Clause
Auction Arbitration Issues
Auto Appraisals
Auto Auction Procedures
Auto Evaluations
Auto Insurance Claims
Automobile Rentals
Automobiles Valuation
Automotive Odometer Tampering
Autopilot Issues
Bank Asset Verification
Clone / Tribute Car Value
Complex Appraisal Solutions
Credit File and Qualifications
Criminal Cases
Data Tag Decoding
Dealer Fraud
Dealer Standards and Practices
Dealer Vs Dealer Issues
Dealership Advertising
Dealership Operation
Deceptive Trade Practices
Diminished Value
Diminished Values
Discrimination Financing
Factory Defects
Factory Recalls
Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment Rentals
Improper Repairs
Industry Standards & Practices
Innovative Valuation Software
Insurance Bad Faith
Insurance Defense
Insurance Disputes - Sales Practices & Bad Faith
Insurance Fraud
Insurance Valuation Rebuttal
Lease Equity
Leasing Issues
Lemon Laws
Loss Of Use
Mechanical Issues
MSRP Sticker
Paint Thickness Reports
Post Purchase Inspections
Post-Accident Valuations
Power Booking
Pre Purchase Inspections
Pre-Accident Valuations
Pre/Post Accident Valuations
Prior Accident Detection
Private Rental Issues
Purchase Inspections
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Purchase Issues
Restoration Shop Issues
Retail Industry
Sales Practices
SIU Research
Standards & Practices
Structural Issues
Tesla Specialist
Tire Failure
Title History
Total Loss
Truck Maintenance
Trucking Industry
Used Car Dealer Fraud
Vehicle Identification Number Decoding
Vehicle Misrepresentation
Vehicle Value Analyst
Vehicles Repossession
VIN Issues
Warranty Issues
Wrongful Death

Primary Areas of Expertise

Automotive - Vehicle Valuation and Dealer Fraud

Russ Kerr Letter of Reference

Steven Proto is a Certified Auto Appraiser (IAAA Certified USAAP compliant) expert with over 20 years of experience as an Auto Valuation Expert.

Mr. Proto’s expertise is in Fraud Investigations, including diminished value, dealer vs. dealer disputes, prior accident damage detection, and classic car valuations. He serves as an Auto Mediator Umpire and established and maintains markets in automotive vehicles, inspecting vehicles, appraising vehicles, dealer transactions, and arbitration disputes for top tier auto franchises (the largest auto retailers in the world).

Mr. Proto is qualified to testify in State Court and in arbitration proceedings as an Automotive Expert in Vehicle Valuation and Dealer Fraud. He can assist in the discovery stage to ensure clients are able to document real damage or the bogus nature of fraudulent claims. Mr. Proto serves as an expert witnesses for both plaintiff and defendant.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Dealership Business Practices
  • Market Valuation
  • Total Loss Vehicle Valuation
  • Vehicle Valuation Appraisal
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Actual Cash Value
  • Automotive Auction Appraiser
  • Automotive Auction Arbitration Inspector
  • Prior Repairs and Previous Paint Work
  • Automotive Mediator
  • Auto Dealer Disputes
  • Dealer vs. Dealer Disputes
  • Diminished Value
  • Insurance Claims
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Lemon Law
  • Total Loss Claims
  • Manufacturer Warranty vs. Dealer Disputes

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