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Accident Investigation
Accident Investigation-Trucks
Accident Reconstruction
Bus and Truck Safety/Accident
Cargo-Tank Crash and Incident
Chemical Spills/Exposure
Commercial Vehicle Crashes
Driver and Motorist Fatigue
Driver Qualifications
Driver Training
Flammable Liquids and Gases
FMCSA Rules and Regulations
Hazardous Materials
HAZMAT Transportation
Hours of Service
Motor Carrier Fitness
Negligent Rehabilitation/Negligent Retention
Oil/Petroleum Spills
Railroad Accidents
Standards Of Care (Trucking)
Traffic/Highway Safety
Transportation / Highway Safety
Transportation Accident Investigations
Transportation Safety
Truck - Unloading / Loading
Truck Brakes
Truck Fleet Operations
Truck Industry Policy & Procedures
Truck Maintenance
Trucking Industry

Primary Areas of Expertise

Trucking Industry Standards of Care

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Post-Crash Inspections

Trucking Crash and/or Incident Causation

Plaintiff or Defense

Truck Accident & Incident Experts, LLC

Highly qualified and well rounded expert opinions are supported by nearly 30-years experience in the highly specialized field of commercial motor vehicle (CMV, meaning “truck”) crashes and incidents, including 16 years at the helm of a national incident response company.

Specializing in CMV crash investigation, CMV loading/offloading incidents, scene investigation and post crash/incident CMV inspection/investigations, Scott’s career of service includes response and investigation to well in excess of 1,000 CMV tractor-trailer crashes, 1,000 CMV loading/off-loading incidents, over 200 CMV cargo-tank truck crashes/incidents and a multitude of industrial setting incidents such as loading rack fires and/or explosions.

Trained in Level 1 FMCSA CMV roadside enforcement inspections and CMV post crash inspections, Scott’s in-depth knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, detailed and well written reports, in-depth knowledge of applicable standards of care and professionally delivered testimony can be a focal point of any civil or criminal litigation or arbitration where CMV crashes, with or without hazardous material involvement and/or transport related matters are at issue.

In addition to Scott’s years of experience responding to and/or investigating truck crashes, Scott spent several years behind the wheel as an 18 wheeler CMV tractor-trailer driver. In his overall driving experience, he was a driver of low-boys (flatbeds), dry-van trailers and cargo-tanks. During Scott’s experience as a CMV operator, he became extensively experienced as to both driving, loading and offloading of van trailers, load securement on drop-decks (flatbeds) and cargo-tanks. The approximate total mileage driven as a CMV operator was 250K.

During part of the years as detailed above, from 1995-2003 Scott was an instructor for the New Jersey State Police. In this specific discipline, Scott was a CMV crash specialist instructor for cargo-tank truck incidents and as an Instructor with a focus on CMV tractor-trailer crashes and recovery involving HM.

Scott has inspected many Commercial Motor Vehicles for road worthiness as required by the FMCSA. Not only was he responsible for inspecting his own trucks in the late 1980’s as pre and post-trip inspections, then overseeing a fleet of CMV inspections through the 1990’s and 2000’s, he eventually came to inspecting CMVs side-by-side with the New Jersey State Police at various CMV roadside inspections/weight stations. In addition, as aforementioned, Scott has responded to and/or inspected in excess of 1,000 CMV crashes.

Services Include:

FMCSA Post-Crash Inspection
Post Crash Scene Investigation
Cargo-Tank Truck Crashes and Incidents
Loading Rack Fires/Explosions
Highway Construction Zone Crashes – CMV
Inattentive and/or Fatigue Driving
Motor Carrier Fitness
Driver Qualifications
Air-Brake Failure, CMV Crashes
Wheel-Off Separation Crashes
Load Securement (Flatbed/Van Trailer)
Motorcoach/Bus Crashes
Litigation Support
Trial Preparation Consulting
Courtroom Testimony
FMCSA Compliance Audits and Inspections

Scott’s CMV expert consulting career started in January 2010. It has provided him a rich experience whereas he has continued inspecting CMVs post crash, crash scene/site investigations and inspections, litigation support and examining discovery documents and evidence, then pulling a seemingly impossible universe of documents together, then proffered into a well constructed report in the most difficult and complex of cases. Having served as a CMV expert in numerous cases for both Defense and Plaintiff throughout the United States, spanning from Hawaii to New York and from Texas to Michigan, Scott has earned an outstanding reputation as clearly indicated on the website testimonial section.

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Truck Accident & Incident Experts, LLC

Main office:  Naples Florida

Additional Offices: New Jersey, Iowa, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Tennessee.

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