Richard L Hall

Burlington, Iowa

General Specialty

Agricultural Equipment
Diesel Engine and Associated Systems
Hydraulic Systems
Mechanical Engineering
Off-Road Vehicle Design and Development
Quality Engineering and Management
Reliability Engineering
Systems Engineering

Specialty Focus

Agricultural & Construction Machinery
Agricultural Equipment
Agricultural Products
Agriculture Equipment Operations
Automotive Engineering
Commercial Motor Vehicle
Construction Equipment
Construction Equipment Design
Diesel Engine and Associated Systems
Equipment Failures
Heavy Equipment
Heavy Machinery
Hydraulic Systems
Industrial Equipment
Material Handling
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Systems
Off-Road Vehicle Design
Off-Road Vehicle Design and Development
Power Utility Accidents
Powertrain Systems
Product Liability
Products Engineering
Quality Engineering and Management
Reliability Engineering
Risk Management
System Controls
System Interfaces
Systems Design
Systems Engineering
Systems Integration

Primary Areas of Expertise

Agricultural & Construction Machinery

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Equipment

Richard L. Hall has nearly 40 years of international experience in On and Off Road Product Development and Management consulting. An expert in product planning and development, process management and reengineering, and design and development engineering, he provides consulting services in the off-road vehicle and automotive industries. Clients include off-road, construction, and agricultural equipment companies.

Mr. Hall worked with CNH Global/Case Corporation for 34 years. He served as Vice President of Product Planning and Process Improvement from 2006-2009, leading a team of (17) Global Product Managers to create and maintain the Construction Equipment Product Evolution Plan and associated schedules and documents. He acted as the main interface  between engineers and the CNH Global patent office, reviewing all applications from both internal and external sources before they were sent to the company Patent Office.

Mr. Hall also led the Products Liability Support Team (litigation engineers) for Case Construction in North America on and off for nearly 20 years. Among other duties, he was responsible for:

  • Global Construction Equipment (CE) Product Portfolio Management and Planning
  • Engine Strategy and Program Management
  • Telematics and Diagnostics Strategy
  • Process Improvement and Engineering
  • Tools Development and Deployment

Litigation Support: As president of Product Development Services, LLC, founded in 2009, Mr. Hall offers Technical Expertise in On and Off Highway Mobile Equipment. Providing legal support for many years, his services are available to attorneys for plaintiff and defendant and include, examination thorough reporting, deposition, and trial testimony as needed.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Mobile Construction and Earthmoving products
  • Agricultural Products
  • Material Handling Products
  • Over-the-Road Trucks

Technical Competencies include:

  • Powertrain Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Systems Integration, Controls, and Interfaces


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Years Experience



BS, Mechanical Engineering. University of Wisconsin - Madison

MS, Mechanical Engineering. University of Michigan - Dearborn

MBA. University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh


1972 to 2009 Ford Motor Company and Case Corporation (now known as CNHi)

2009 to present Product Development Services, LLC Consultant and Expert

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