Randal Hill, PhD

Honor, Michigan

General Specialty

Chemical Engineering
Intellectual Property

Specialty Focus

Agricultural Adjuvants Colloids
Electrophoretic Displays
Household Care
Intellectual Property
Liquid Crystals
Materials Science
Personal Care
Product Development
Surface Chemistry
Upstream Oil & Gas

Primary Areas of Expertise

Chemistry & Chemicals and Chemical Engineering

Randal Hill has more than 30 years of industrial silicone and surface chemistry experience including silicone defoamers, formulation of household and personal care products, applications of silicone surfactants, silicone-based nanotechnology for soldier protection, development of pigments for electronic displays, and, most recently, upstream oil and gas well treatment. He wrote the book on “Silicone Surfactants”, and has 64 patents and more than 50 papers. He received a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Oklahoma, and served as the Dow Corning Visiting Scientist at MIT for five years.

With an educational background in physical chemistry (PhD) and physics he went on to establish a career working with surfactants for applications ranging from personal care and polymer coatings to oil and gas. After getting his start with Dow Corning (now Dow Silicones) in progressive research capacities, he spent time with E Ink during their startup phase and most recently at Flotek Chemistry he served as IP Science Advisor to increase the patent portfolio by 1400%.

He retained his passion for innovation and discovery as his career continuously progressed. Hill is widely known for his work on silicone surfactants, especially for his work on superwetting. During his time as MIT Visiting Scientist with Dow, he also initiated work on silicone-based superhydrophobic surfaces, which led to a publication that has since been cited nearly 1,500 times.

Furthermore, Hill also has extensive knowledge about silicone defoamers, polymersomes, microemulsions, and superhydrophobic surfaces. He directed a significant amount of research into analyzing the remarkable properties of silicones and how to use them efficiently. As a result, his experience now combines a deep understanding of the application of silicone soft material science with active research in a wide range of technologies.

Although best known for his work with silicone materials, his time at MIT, E Ink, and Flotek Chemistry involved work in a very wide range of colloid and surface science involving non-silicone materials and leading to more than 40 new patents on soldier protection, superhydrophobic surfaces, and novel bio-based chemistry for oil well treatment. At Flotek Chemistry he served as IP Science Advisor to increase the patent portfolio by 1400%.



  • Chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Intellectual Property
  • Silicones
  • Surfactants
  • Colloid and Surface Science
  • Product Development
  • Agricultural Adjuvants
  • Oil and Gas Chemicals



  • Ph.D. Chemistry University of Oklahoma
  • B.S. Physics Southern Nazarene University


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