Patricia J. Hale

Pottsboro, Texas

General Specialty

Forensic Document Examination
Handwriting Analysis Forgeries

Specialty Focus

Attorney Consulting
College Handwritten Final Exams
Contracts and Signatures
Courtroom Exhibits & Jury Testimony
Disguised Writing and Handwritten Notes
Forged Checks
Handwriting Analysis Forgeries
Handwritten Slurs on a Wall
Last Wills and Testament
Prenuptial Agreements
Probate Documents
Real Estate Fraud
Suicide Notes
Theft of Real Property
Threatening Notes & Letters

Patricia is an expert Document Examiner. She has conducted peer reviews with Curt Baggett, Bart Baggett, Laurie Hoeltzel, Brenda Petty, Don Lehew. Over 2,000 cases prepared and examined. Prepared over 100 cases for Depositions and Court Testimony for Local, State, and Federal Courts. Patricia has been performing handwriting analysis for over 6 years.  She apprenticed under Curt Baggett and was a legal assistant prior to that.

We have Offices in Texas and Ohio. We do work in ALL 50 states of the U.S.A., Canada, Bahamas, Europe

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