Kevin M. Lowe, MD, PhD

Roanoke, Indiana

General Specialty

Surgical Oncology

Specialty Focus

Bile Duct Surgery
Cancer Surgery
Esophagus Surgery
Gall Bladder Surgery
Liver Surgery
Pancreas Surgery
Retroperitoneal Sarcoma Surgery
Robotic Surgery
Stomach Surgery
Surgical Oncology

Dr. Lowe is an experienced, fellowship-trained cancer surgeon who focuses on diseases of the pancreas, liver, bile ducts, stomach, esophagus, small intestine and retroperitoneum. He has performed over 300 complex robotic cases.

Dr. Lowe has been a member of the LTC Army Reserves for sixteen years and has been deployed to Afghanistan four times.

Dr. Lowe has been awarded the Emerging Investigator Award 2019,Stephens Cancer Center; Faculty of the year 2019 Carle General Surgery Residency, Teaching Award for 2019 also includes: Excellence in Evidence Based Practice, Excellence in Non-operative teaching.



  • MD, Chicago Medical School
  • PhD, University of South Alabama
  • FACS



  • 2007 – present Member American College of Surgeons
  • 2010 – present Member AHPBA
  • 2011 – present Member Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
  • 2012 – present Member Society of Surgical Oncology



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