Kevin W. Forcier, SR

Venango, Pennsylvania

General Specialty

Accident Investigations

Specialty Focus

Accident Analysis
Accident Photo Analysis
Accident Photo Analysis and Mapping
Automobile Accident
Automobile Accident Animation
Automotive Accident Reconstruction
Car Accident
Collision Analysis and Reconstruction
Computer Animation
Computer Simulation
Crash Data Recovery
Crash Data Retrieval
Data Analysis
Demonstrative Evidence (Accident Reconstruction)
Highway / Street
Highway Transportation Accidents
Light Trucks
Low Speed Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle Reconstruction
Occupant Injury Kinematics
Passenger Vehicles
Scene Reproduction with FARO Zone 3D
Seat Belts
Time Distance
Traffic Collisions
Traffic Studies
Traffic Transportation Accidents
Trailers & Utility Vehicle Accidents
Trial Presentations (Accident Reconstruction)
Truck Accidents
V-Box Systems
Vehicular Accident Reconstruction
Vericom Vehicle Computer

Primary Areas of Expertise

Accident Reconstruction

Collision Analysis & Reconstruction

ACTAR Certified Reconstructionist: #2054

25 years crash investigation experience with the Pennsylvania State Police, retired April 2010 as a full-time Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Specialist with the rank of Corporal. I was responsible for 3373 square miles & over 470,000 residents of North-West PA. Qualified as an expert witness in Crash Reconstruction at various levels from Depositions to Homicides 50+ times since 1990.

Owner and Reconstruction Specialist for 4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC, 2009 to present. Member in good standing of numerous professional crash organizations. Certified in the Operation of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System and current to latest version and vehicle model year. Tesla EDR System to available May 2018. Scene documentation is provide by the use of digital photographs as well as the use of a Leica MS50 Scanning Multi-Station. The data collected with the MS50 is then used to reproduce accurate scene diagrams, animations and simulations to clearly show how the incident occurred. I conduct investigations in a fair and unbiased manner and base my conclusions on the physical evidence and the facts of the case. I provide expert services to both defendants and plaintiffs equally in civil and criminal litigation. 4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC is constantly updating and providing as current knowledge as possible through continued training throughout the years.


Providing Expert Services in the field of Accident Reconstruction, including:

  • A complete an unbiased accident investigation, using the latest investigative means such as Crash Data Retrieval & Analysis.
  • Crash Scene Analysis and Documentation: Vehicles, light trucks, motorcycles.
  • Seat Belts and Child Safety-Seats usage analysis
  • Occupant injury kinematics, speed determination, time – distance, drag factor with use of Vericom Vehicle Computer System.
  • Traffic Studies.
  • Crash Animation / Simulation, Map scenes, Crash Zone, CAD.



  • Retired PA State Police Corporal.
  • Nationally Certified ACTAR Reconstructionist # 2054.
  • 30+ years of Crash Investigation Experience.
  • Crash Reconstructionist since 1990.
  • Expert Crash Consultant and Court Qualified Witness.
  • Certified in Crash Animation by FARO Zone 3D / Reality Software.
  • Specializing in Passenger Vehicle, Light Truck, Motorcycle, Pedestrian/Bicycle Crashes.
  • Certified with the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System, most current version for Crash data retrieval and Analysis.
  • Tesla EDR Data Retrieval System
  • Hyundai/Genesis & KIA Data Retrieval & Analysis.
  • Certified in Berla iVe – Vehicle System Forensics.
  • 3D Scanning & Scene Documentation with Leica Nova MS50 Multi-Station.
  • Fully insured.


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Associate of Engineering, Penn State University; Auto Body & Collision Repair, New Castle School Of Trades

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