Jayson Uribe

Angwin , California

General Specialty

Accident Reconstruction and Safety
Motorcycle Accidents

Specialty Focus

Accident Investigation and Failure Analysis
Collision Analysis and Reconstruction
Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle Collisions
Motorcycle Racing
Motorcycle Reconstruction
Stunt Driving

Primary Areas of Expertise

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction and Safety

Jayson Uribe, Vehicle Investigator, is an active Firefighter with the Napa County Fire Department, as well as a professional Driver and Instructor at Sonoma Raceway and the Allen Berg Racing School at Laguna Seca.

Mr. Uribe owns and operates a private investigation company, Code 3 Consultations specializing in professional driver coaching, autonomous research and development, vehicular analysis, scene recreation, motorcycle accidents, and expert witness testimonies. In a consulting capacity, he has worked with such companies as Allen Berg Motorsports (ABMS), Sears Point Racing Experience (SPRE), Skip Barber Racing Schools, American Supercamp (ASC), Waymo Technologies, Faction Tech Co., Mercedes-Benz USA/GER, etc.

Heavily involved in the motorsports industry for almost 20 years, he has in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience with any and all modern safety systems and how they operate. He has the mechanical knowledge to be able to decipher the validity / integrity of a potentially compromised system which may have been associated with an incident.

From a driver standpoint, Mr. Uribe uses his experience as a performance driving instructor to properly break down and analyze the actions taken by an individual to determine if any malicious intent was involved. Essentially, he is the one you call when you have a traffic accident that requires more than just an on-scene report from an officer.

Litigation Support – With nearly 20 years in the motorsports industry, 5 years in accident recreation and autonomous vehicle R&D, and 8 years in a coaching / teaching role, Jayson Uribe is uniquely qualified to assist in complex accidents. His services include on-site accident investigation, thorough reporting, depositions, and trial testimony as needed.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Motorcycle / Vehicle Accident Analysis
  • Accident Scene Recreation
  • Vehicle Safety Systems and Operations
  • R&D for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Safety Training for Emergency Vehicles
  • Safety Training for Private Security Details
  • Stunt Driving
  • Train the Trainer



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