Homayoon Kazerooni

Berkeley, California

General Specialty

Intellectual Property (inventor or co-inventor of over 230 patents)
Robotics and Automation

Specialty Focus

Electromechanical Devices
Exoskeleton and Wearable Devices
Haptics and Human-Machine Systems
Hydraulic Systems
Machine Design
Robotics and Automation

Primary Areas of Expertise

Intellectual Property (inventor or co-inventor of over 230 patents) & Robotics

Dr. Kazerooni is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, where he also serves as the director of the Berkeley Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory. With more than 35 years of mechanical engineering experience and a doctorate degree from MIT, he is a leading expert in robotics, control sciences, exoskeletons, devices, medical devices, human-machine systems and augmentation, bioengineering, mechatronics design, and intelligent assist devices. In addition to his teaching work and research experience in academia, Dr. Kazerooni is also an entrepreneur. In 2005, he founded Ekso Bionics (eksobionics.com), which went on to become a publicly owned company in 2014 and now supplies medical exoskeletons (Ekso) to a great number of rehabilitation centers worldwide. Later he founded suitX (suitx.com), a VC, industry, and government-funded company that provides industrial and medical exoskeletons. suitX was acquired by Ottobock, the largest European medical device company in late 2021. A recognized authority on robotics, Dr. Kazerooni has published more than 200 articles to date, delivered over 130 plenary lectures internationally, and is the inventor of over 230 patents.



  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, MIT
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, MIT


Selected Awards:  

  • Saint-Gobain NOVA Innovation Awards, Second Place
  • UAE AI and Robotics for Good Competition, 2016 First Prize: $1,000,000
  • Research as recognized among the 50 best inventions of 2010, Time Magazine, 2010.
  • Research was recognized as the top second technology of the year (after iPod), Wired Magazine, 2010.
  • Research is recognized as the third most innovative technology of the year, CNN, 2010.
  • Second Prize Winner of the 2006 “Create the Future” Design Contest. Sponsored by NASA. Featured on the cover page of the April 2006 NASA Tech Brief.
  • Top technology to watch, New York Times Magazine, December 2004.
  • Top technology to watch, PC Magazine, April 2004.
  • Recipient, Outstanding ASME Investigator Award, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, November 1995.
  • Recipient, O. Hugo Schuck 1989 Best Paper Award, American Control Conference, received in May 1990.
  • 1997 Discover Magazine Technological Innovation Award, Computer and Hardware category.


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