David C. Wells, The Aces Inc.

Edmonds, Washington

General Specialty

Accident Investigations
Accident Reconstruction

Specialty Focus

Accident Analysis
Accident and Investigations
Accident Investigation
Accident Investigation-Trucks
Accident Photo Analysis
Accident Photo Analysis and Mapping
Accident Reconstruction
Auto Accident Investigation
Automobile Accident Animation
Automotive Accident Photography
Bicycle Accidents
Black Box/Crash Data Retrieval
Black Box/Event Data Recorder
Collision Analysis and Reconstruction
Crime Scene Investigation/Reconstruction
Fraud Investigations
High Speed Accidents
Impact Analysis
Low Speed Accidents

Primary Areas of Expertise

Accident Reconstruction and Safety

Retired from the King County Sheriff’s Offices after 33 years, 23 years in Major Investigations / Major Accident Investigations. Certified instructor for the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center. Accredited through ACTAR #1912. Considerable experience with over 950 on-scene investigations of live collision scenes and over 2000 private consulting cases.

More than 200 homicide scenes documented and diagrammed. Private consulting since 2006. Extensive expert testimony experience at the Municipal, District, Superior and Federal Court levels. Current President of WATAI (Washington Association of Technical Accident Investigators). Board member for WREX 2016 – World Reconstruction Exposition. Immediate responses available (24/7) to scenes and or vehicle inspections anywhere in the western U.S. Full accident reconstruction and consulting services for all levels of collisions. Crash data retrieval for all Bosch supported vehicles, Hyundai, Kia and Tesla vehicles. Collision forces / low speed vehicle impact analysis. Electronic mapping using a total station for scene surveying with multiple diagramming programs. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) routinely used for aerial photography of scenes and or vehicle documentation. Currently working defense, plaintiff and criminal cases. Documentation of damage for fraud investigations. We work closely with other experts in related fields such as forensic mechanical inspections, traffic engineering, roadway design and bio-mechanics. Phone consultation available at any time.



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