Carole Lieberman M.D

Beverly Hills, California

General Specialty


Specialty Focus

Abuse: Sexual
Child/Adolescent Issues
Discrimination/Wrongful Termination
Entertainment Law/Media Copycats
High Profile Cases
Malpractice/Wrongful Death
Personal Injury/Equestrian/Other Sports
Physical and Emotional
Priest Misconduct
Sexual Harassment

Psychiatric Expert Witness/Forensic Psychiatrist

Board certified psychiatrist/expert witness with winning record in hundreds of civil & criminal cases, plaintiff & defense-including hi-profile. Media commentator on psychological/legal issues/trial analysis.



Over 20 years experience reviewing records, examining parties & testifying in civil & criminal cases including: high profile, terrorism, entertainment law, media-incited copycat behavior, employment law, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, will contestation, psychiatric & HMO malpractice, wrongful death, suicide, homicide, child & adolescent issues, divorce, custody, abuse (sexual, emotional, physical), battered woman, domestic violence, equestrian & other sports injuries, personal injury, assault, murder, rape, child kidnapping, priest misconduct, police misconduct, police shootings, malingering, airline passenger mistreatment, aviation accidents, financial victimization, foreclosures, stress, PTSD, & any other case where emotional distress/state of mind is at issue.


Prior Cases:

CA v Eric Holder (Nipsey Hussle), MI v Kelli Stapleton, Florida v Roman, CA v Redmond O’Neal, Plaintiffs v James Arthur Ray, Minor v Kid Nation, Terri Schiavo, NV v Floyd Mayweather, Jenny Jones Talk Show Murder Trial, celebrity divorces, high school shootings, NBA paternity, Priest molestation, etc.


Legal Analyst for Media:

Court TV, Law & Crime, CNN (Larry King, etc), HLN, Fox News Network (Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, O’Reilly Factor, etc), Today Show, Good Morning America, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, etc., Radio, Print



Board Certified Psychiatrist, Decades on Clinical Faculty UCLA, Consultant to Congress, Expert Reviewer for CA Medical Board



“The judge said that you were the best expert witness he ever saw!” R.B.

“The jurors said you were the super-star expert witness for us and the high award was due to you!” P.A.

“We won…. They thought the expert (YOU) put the final nail in the coffin!” FA

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