Alan M. Steinman MD, MPH, FACPM

Olympia, Washington

General Specialty

Environmental Medicine
Occupational Medicine

Specialty Focus

Aquatics Safety
Boating Accidents
Cold Protective Equipment
Cold Water Survival
Emergency Preparedness
Human Factors
Ice Rescue
Marine Accident Reconstruction
Marine Recreation
Marine Safety
Maritime Medicine
Pools & Hot Tubs
Pools and Spas
Sea Survival
Swimming Pools. Drowning
Water Rescue
Water Survival

Primary Areas of Expertise

Maritime & Admiralty

Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Accident Prevention & Safety (Aquatics)

Dr. Steinman is an expert in maritime medicine with particular emphasis on sea-survival, drowning and hypothermia. He has served as Surgeon General (Director of Health and Safety) for the U.S. Coast Guard, as medical advisor to the Coast Guard’s Chief of Operations, and as rescue physician on numerous Coast Guard search and rescue missions. He has an international reputation in cold-water survival and hypothermia. Dr. Steinman is widely published in the field of environmental medicine, including a chapter on immersion hypothermia in a leading textbook of emergency medicine. His research into human cold-water immersion and hypothermia merited the prestigious Arnold D. Tuttle Award from the Aerospace Medicine Association. The results from his human hypothermia studies served were used in establishing U.S. Coast Guard cold-water survival time analyses.

Dr. Steinman is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine; he is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine. His Doctor of Medicine degree is from the Stanford School of Medicine; his post-graduate medical training was at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine and the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Dr. Steinman has experience in both federal and state courts serving as an expert witness in numerous cases involving sea-survival, drowning, hypothermia and fitness for duty in maritime occupations.


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