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Shawn Pruchnicki Ph.D, RPh, ATP, CFII, MEI

Aviation and Aerospace Accident & Investigations (All other fields), Accident & Investigations (Aviation), Accident Analysis, Accident Investigation, Accident Prevention, Aircraft Operations, Aircraft Safety, Aircraft Safety Risk Assessment, Airline Pilot, Airlines, Airport Safety, Airports/Airlines, Aviation & Aerospace And Safety, Aviation Research, Crew Resource Management, Failure Analysis, Failure Investigation, Fixed Wing, Flight, Flight Crew Performance, Flight Crew […]

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Stanford R Brown, B.Sc., CSP, CSHP, CRSP, CHSC

Accident Investigations, OSHA, Safety, Slip Trip and Fall, Workplace Safety Accident Investigation, Compliance, Construction, Cranes, EM 385-1-1, Excavation, Fall Protection, First Aid/CPR/AED, General Industry, Machine Guarding, Mining, Multi-Employer, Powered Industrial Trucks, Rigging, Safety Training, Scaffolds, Trenching, Workplace Conditions, Workplace Inspections Hawaii […]

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