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Sameer Singh Somal, CFA, CFP, CAIA

Internet & Technology, Internet Defamation, Reputation Management Copyrights, Cyber Defamation, Cyber Investigation, Defamation and Internet, Defamation Damages, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Google Analytics, Infographics, Intellectual Property Damages, Internet / E-Business, Internet & Web Strategies, Internet Defamation, Internet Marketing, Internet Patents, IP Damages, IP Valuation, Journalistic Standards and Practices, Libel Issues, Licensing Customs & Practices, Media Communications […]

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G. Michael Phillips, Ph.D.

Business & Financial, Business Economics, Econometrics, Economic Damages, Forensic Accounting, Statistics Affirmative Action / EEOC, Business Analysis, Business and Finance, Business Appraisal, Business Damage, Business Divestitures, Business Economics, Business Interruption, Business Issues, Business Litigation, Business Management, Business Securities, Business Valuation, Competitive Analysis, Computer Industry, Computer Systems, Computer Technology, Construction Defects, Damage Analysis, Damage Calculations, Discrimination, […]

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