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Albert M. Juergens

Intellectual Property, Medical Devices, Patent Infringement Claim Construction, CMOS Camera, Cysto-resection, Design Patent Infringement, Due Diligence (IP), Electrosurgical Generator, Endoscope, Endoscopy, Guide Wire, Infringement, Infringement Contentions, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Analysis, Inter-Party Review, Laser, Lithotriptor, Medical Devices, Medical Devices (Intellectual Property), Medical Devices (Medical & Health), Medical Devices (Patent), Medical Hand Tools, Patent, Patent Infringement, […]

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Glenn Armellino, MS, PE

Aircraft Accident Reconstruction, Aviation and Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering Aircraft, Aircraft Accident Reconstruction, Aircraft Failures, Aircraft Maintenance and Repairs, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Stress Corrosion, Airframe, Airframe Failure, Airworthiness, Aviation, Classical Stress Analysis, Compliance Standards, Composite Structures, Composites, Crack Growth, Crashworthiness, Damage Tolerance, Design, FAA, FAA Certification and FAR Criteria, FAR, Fatigue, FEA, FEM, Finite Element Modeling, […]

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