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Charles Ahmad, CPP

Law Enforcement, Police Procedures, Premises Liability, Security Negligence, Use of Force Active Shooter Response, Arrest Procedures, Firearms, Fugitive Investigations, In-Custody Death, Inadequate/Negligent Security, Law Enforcement, Officer-Involved Shootings, Police Procedures, Premises Liability, Security Guards, Security Management, Swat, Tactical Operations, Use of Force, Use of Informants, Workplace Violence Georgia […]

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Michael Glasser, CPP, PSP, PCI, CISSP, CEH

Premises Liability, Premises Security, Security Assessment, Security Management, Security Operations Alarms, Bars/Lounges/Night Clubs, Inadequate/Negligent Security, Parking Lots/Garages, Premises Liability, Retail Security, Security Guards, Security Management, Surveillance, Video New York […]

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Sean A Ahrens, M.A, CPP, CSC, FSyl, BSCP

Premises Liability, Premises Security, Security, Security Alarms, Security Assessment, Security Consulting, Security Management, Security Metrics, Security Operations, Security Programs, Security Systems, Security Technology, Security Training, Workplace Violence, Workplace Violence Prevention Access Control, Alarm, Apartment/Condominium Security, Apartments, Armed Assailant “Active Shooter”, Bank Security, Bars and Nightclubs (Security), Commercial, Contract Security Negligence, CPTED, Crime Foreseeability, Crime Prevention, […]

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