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Michael Glasser, CPP, PSP, PCI, CISSP, CEH

Premises Liability, Premises Security, Security Assessment, Security Management, Security Operations Alarms, Bars/Lounges/Night Clubs, Inadequate/Negligent Security, Parking Lots/Garages, Premises Liability, Retail Security, Security Guards, Security Management, Surveillance, Video New York […]

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Marcello R. Kettrles, PSP, CPD, CCE

Adult Correctional Practices, Jails & Prisons, Law Enforcement, Negligent Security, Premises Liability, Security, Use of Force Active Assailant Response, Conditions of Confinement, Correctional Policies & Procedures, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Inadequate/Negligent Security, Jails and Prisons, Physical Security, Premises Liability, Security Guards, Security Management, Standards of Care, Use of Force, Workplace Violence New York […]

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Charles Ahmad, CPP

Law Enforcement, Police Procedures, Premises Liability, Security Negligence, Use of Force Active Shooter Response, Arrest Procedures, Firearms, Fugitive Investigations, In-Custody Death, Inadequate/Negligent Security, Law Enforcement, Officer-Involved Shootings, Police Procedures, Premises Liability, Security Guards, Security Management, Swat, Tactical Operations, Use of Force, Use of Informants, Workplace Violence Georgia […]

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