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Homayoon Kazerooni

Intellectual Property (inventor or co-inventor of over 230 patents), Robotics and Automation Electromechanical Devices, Exoskeleton and Wearable Devices, Haptics and Human-Machine Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Machine Design, Robotics and Automation California […]

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Richard L Hall

Agricultural Equipment, Diesel Engine and Associated Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Off-Road Vehicle Design and Development, Quality Engineering and Management, Reliability Engineering, Systems Engineering Agricultural & Construction Machinery, Agricultural Equipment, Agricultural Products, Agriculture Equipment Operations, Automotive, Automotive Engineering, Commercial Motor Vehicle, Construction Equipment, Construction Equipment Design, Diesel Engine and Associated Systems, Equipment Failures, Heavy Equipment, […]

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Randy D. Horsak, PE

Environmental, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology Ecological Risk Assessment, Engineering/Environmental, Environment, Flood Litigation, Flood/Hydraulic Engineering, Gas, Gas Plants, Geologists, Groundwater, Groundwater Contamination, Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Waste Engineering, Hydraulic Litigation, Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic/Flood Litigation, Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Groundwater, Toxicology Texas […]

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