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Michael D. Pakter

Economic Damages Accounting, Accounting & Auditing, Accounting and Valuation, Accounting Fraud Investigations, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Asset Tracing, Audit Failures, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Bankruptcy Accounting, Breach of Contract Damages, Business, Business Interruption Business Interruption/Lost Profits (Economics), Business Interruption Claims, Business Valuations, Commercial Litigation, Construction, Construction Damages, Damages, Distressed Businesses, Divorce, Economic Damages, Economic Damages/Lost […]

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Chad M Garland, CPA

Accounting, Business Valuation, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation Accounting, Accounting and Valuation, Banking Fraud, Bankruptcy Accounting, Business Appraisal, Business Damage, Business Interruption, Business Interruption/Lost Profits, Business Interruption/Lost Profits (Economics), Business Theft, Business Valuation, CPA, Damage Analysis, Divorce, Divorce Accounting, Economic Analysis, Economic Damages, Economic Damages/Lost Profits, Economist, Embezzlement Accounting Investigation, Employee Theft, Financial Investigation, Forensic Accounting, […]

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