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Richard A. Young

Aquatics Safety Aquatics, Aquatics Safety, Construction, Diving and Diving Board Injuries, Drowning, Drowning Analysis, Equipment Manufacturer, Maintenance, Mechanical Water Systems Analysis, Near-Drowning, Operations, Owner/Contractor Construction Disputes, Pool Injuries, Pool Mechanical Equipment Failure Analysis, Pools, Slip and Fall injuries, Swimming Pool Operation, Swimming Pools, Water Chemistry Issues California […]

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Alan M. Steinman MD, MPH, FACPM

Environmental Medicine, Occupational Medicine Aquatics, Aquatics Safety, Boating Accidents, Cold Protective Equipment, Cold Water Survival, Emergency Preparedness, Human Factors, Hypothermia, Ice Rescue, Marine Accident Reconstruction, Marine Recreation, Marine Safety, Maritime Medicine, Pools & Hot Tubs, Pools and Spas, Sea Survival, Swimming Pools. Drowning, Water Rescue, Water Survival Washington […]

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