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Martin Blinder, MD

Forensic Psychology, Psychology Child Custody, Closed Head ‘Minor’ Brain Injury, Criminal Responsibility, Dog Bites, Drug Toxicity, Emotional Distress, Eyewitness Fallibility, Head Injury, Mental Competence, Personal Injury, Psychiatric Malpractice, Psychic Trauma, Psychopharmacology, Sex Offender, Sexual Harassment, Testamentary Capacity, Undue Influence, Wrongful Termination California […]

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Charles Heller, Ph.D.

Forensic Psychology, Psychology Alcohol, Attempted Murder, Autism, Battered Woman Syndrome, Child Abuse, Child Custody Evaluations, Child Sexual Abuse, Clergy Sex Abuse, Clinical Psychology, Criminal Behavior, Criminal Defense, Criminal Psychiatry, Custody Issues, Dangerousness/Criminal Assessment, Delayed Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Emotional Suffering, False Allegations, False Allegations of Abuse, Foster Care, Group […]

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Carole Lieberman M.D

Psychiatry, Psychology Abuse: Sexual, Child/Adolescent Issues, Discrimination/Wrongful Termination, Divorce/Custody, Entertainment Law/Media Copycats, High Profile Cases, Malpractice/Wrongful Death, Personal Injury/Equestrian/Other Sports, Physical and Emotional, Priest Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Terrorism/Violence California […]

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