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Jay Rosenthal, CCM

Meteorology, Weather Accident Reconstruction, Aircraft, Auto, Boats, Certified Data Acquisition, Comparisons with Normal Conditions, Construction, Criminal, Data Relevance, Dew & Frost Engineering, Environmental, Event Reconstruction, Flooding, Fog/visibility Issues, Food Spoilage, Foreseeability Issues, Hail, Hydrology and Groundwater, Ice & Snow, Influence, Lightning, Oceanography, Personal Injury, Pollution, Rain Rates, Reports, Sea Conditions, Slip & Falls, Storms, Sun […]

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Tim Coleman, PhD

Environmental, Meteorology, Weather Accident Reconstruction (Weather), Atmosphere, Damage Analysis, Flood, Fog, Hurricane, Insurance, Rainfall, Slip and Fall, Tornado, Visibility, Weather, Wind Alabama […]

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Michael Favetta

Climate Change Science, Meteorology, Weather Cross Examination Advice, Emergency Action Plans (Weather), Event Weather Forecasting, Expert Testimony, Forensic Meteorological Services, Long Term Wind Studies, Personal Injury (Weather), Property Damage (Weather), Sip and Fall Accidents (Weather), Site Surveys, Weather Data Analysis, Weather Data Interpretation, Weather Event Reconstruction, Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Data Research, Written Forensic Reports […]

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