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William C. Stein, Jr., PE, CCM

ADA Compliance, Construction Management, Construction Materials, Roadway & Bridge Construction, ROW Issues, Temp, Traffic Control Asphalt, Building Contractor Liability, Civil Engineering, Coatings, Concrete/Cement, Construction, Construction Damages, Construction Management, Construction Site, Construction Traffic Control, Contract Documents, CPM Scheduling (Primavera), Designs, Earthwork, Expert Reports, Forensic Investigations, Highway, Materials, Materials Engineering, Other Construction Materials, Paint and Coatings, Plans, […]

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Robert Secrest, P.E, CCE, PMP, LEED A.P., LSSBB, QSD, CPSWQ, EP2, CQM, HAZWOPER, MIAM, COR, RE Broker, Mortgage Broker, Class B+ Skipper, FAA Pilot, MBA

ADA, Building Codes, Civil Engineering, Pipelines, Stormwater Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Backups, Civil Engineering, Construction Damages, Construction Site, Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control, Flooding, Floodplain Mapping, Groundwater, Groundwater Pollution, Hydrology, Marine Engineering, Pipe Failure Analysis, Pipeline Explosions, Pipeline Failure, Pipeline Weld Failures, Pipelines, Real Estate Broker, Runoff, Scheduling Delay and Analysis, Septic Systems, Sewers, […]

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