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Antonio R. Sarabia II

Clothing & Apparel, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Manufacturing, Trade Secrets, Trademarks Apparel Industry, Clothing, Copyrights, Fashion Industry, Import/Export, Infringement, Intellectual Property, Investigation, Licensing, Manufacturing, Trade Secrets, Trademarks California […]

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Michael A. Kamins, PhD

Advertising, Marketing, Patents, Sales, Survey Research, Trademarks Advertising, International Marketing, Marketing, Patents, Public Opinion and Survey Research, Sales, Statistics, Trade Secrets, Trademarks California […]

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Don May, PhD

Accounting, Business and Finance, Business Damages, Business Operations, Economics, Forensic Accounting Business, Business Damages, Business Disputes, Business Interruption, Business Transactions, CPA, Damage Analysis, Economic Damages, Economic Loss Analysis, Financial Damage Determination, Financial Fraud, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Economist, IPO, Lost Earnings, Lost Profits, Lost Profits/Calculations, Securities Fraud, Securities/Litigation, Trademarks, Valuations New York […]

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