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Gary L Deel, PhD, JD, MS, MA

Hotel & Restaurant, Travel & Tourism Airlines, Bars, Business, Casinos, Catering, Conferences, Conventions, Cruise Lines, Cruise Ships, Employment, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Hotels, Human Resources, Lodging, Meeting and Events, Meetings, Movie Theaters, Nightclubs, Resorts, Restaurant Operations, Restaurant Standard of Care, Restaurants, Retail Operations, Safety, Security, Slip Trip and Fall, Theme Parks, Tourism, Travel Florida […]

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Karen R Laser

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Police Practices & Procedures Administrative Grievance Process, Internal Affairs, Investigations, Policy and Procedure, Security, Use of Force California […]

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Lenard Vare

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Police Practices & Procedures 1983 Litigation (Jail and Prisons), Classification, Conditions of Confinement, Correctional Healthcare, Corrections, Criminalistics, Criminology, Custody, Electronic Monitoring, Home Detention, In-Custody Death, In-Custody Death and Homicide Investigations, Informants, Jail Suicide, Jails, Law Enforcement, Negligence, Police Procedures, PREA, Prison Gang, Prisons, Religious Rights, Security, Security Management, Strip Searches, Suicides, […]

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