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John Pagliassotti

Real Estate AIR Contracts, Brokers Fiduciary Duties and Duty of Care, Buyers, Cam Charges, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Holdover, Landlord/Tenant, Leasing, Matters Involving Landlords, Mold, Options, Partnerships, Property and Asset Management, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Leasing, Real Estate Malpractice, Rent Adjustments, Sales, Sellers, Surrender of Property (Available Nationwide) […]

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Mr. Richard A. Gottlieb

Child Products (Toys), Intellectual Property, Labels & Warnings, Patent Infringement, Trade Secrets, Trademarks Child Products (Toys), Copyright, Design and Manufacturing, Entertainment and Media, Games, Import/Export, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Accident Prevention & Safety Warnings, IP Infringement, IP License, Labels and Warnings, Licensing, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Patents, Product Development, Product Liability, Product Licensing, Sales, […]

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