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Troy Galloway

Building Inspection, Construction Defects Arbitration/Mediation, Building Manager, Commercial Building Inspections, Concrete, Construction, Construction Consultant, Construction Superintendent, Constructioned, Deck/Patios, Doors, Landscaping Defects, Mold, Property Safety, Roofing, Safety, Siding, Slip Trip and Fall, Water Leakage, Windows (Available Nationwide) […]

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Jeffrey Martin

Adhered Stone, Roofing, Sheet Metal, Stucco, Wall Cladding, Waterproofing Adhered Stone, Building Envelope, Construction Defects, EIFS, Roofing, Sheet Metal, Stucco, Wall Cladding, Waterproofing North Carolina […]

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Sanford “Sandy” Loy, CCM BArch MSCE

Construction, Contracts and Administration Building Codes, Building Compliance, Building Construction, Building Exteriors / Envelopes, Building Materials / Products, Building Technology, Civil Engineering, Commercial Construction, Concrete & Concrete Construction, Concrete Foundations, Construction, Construction Accidents, Construction Claims, Construction Cost Estimates / Analysis, Construction Cost of Repairs, Construction Defect Resolution, Construction Defects, Construction Defects (Project Management), Construction Delays, […]

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