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Mike Simard, PE, PMP, CEP

Design, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering Biomass Systems, Capital Cost Estimating, Engineering Design, Feasibility Studies, Heavy Machinery, Industrial Construction, Industrial Safety, Manufacturing Costs, Manufacturing Costs Capital Costs, Manufacturing Processes, Operations Management, Pilot Plant Design, Process Development, Process Scale-up, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Slurry Pumping, Supercritical Fluids, Technical Due Diligence Pennsylvania […]

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Kenneth H Brown, PhD

Chemistry and Chemicals, Hazardous Materials, Paint & Coatings, Warnings and Labels Accident Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, Adhesives, Aerosol Dusting Products, Aerosols, Alkyds, Architectural Paint, Asbestos, Automotive Coatings, Benzene, Bleach, Chemical Accidents, Chemical Analysis, Chemical Contaminants, Chemical Emissions, Chemical Exposure, Chemical Fires, Chemical Fires and Explosions, Chemical Handling, Chemical Packaging, Chemical Products, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Safety, Chemical […]

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Lee T. Ostrom, PhD, CSP, CPE

Ergonomics, Human Factors, Occupational Safety, Risk Assessment Ergonomics, Human Factors, Industrial Safety, Occupational Safety, Process Industry, Risk Assesment, Situational Awareness, Workplace Safety Idaho […]

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