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Randy Clarksean, PhD, PE, CFEI, CFII

Mechanical Engineering ATVs, Battery Fires, Boilers, Chemical Reactions, Coal Storage Facilities, Commercial and Residential Fires, Fires, Fluid Mechanics, Gas Turbines, Grain Bin Failures, HVAC Systems, Instrumentation, Irrigation Systems, Lithium-ion, Natural / Forced Convection, Natural Gas Explosions, Pyrophoric Material Fires, Radiation Heat Transfer, Solar Photovoltaic Structures, Solar Thermal Plants, Steam Turbines, Submarine Pipeline Failure, Turbulence, UTVs, […]

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Jimmy H Beard, MSEE, PE, CFEI

Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Cellular and Television Towers, Code Compliance, Electrocution, Fiber Optic Cables, Fire Investigations, Forensic Engineering, Garage Doors, HVAC Systems, Lightning Damage, National Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code, NEC, NESC, Origin and Cause, Personal Injury, Transformers, UL 325 Alabama […]

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