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Katherine R Kula, MD

Gynecology, Hospitalist, OB/GYN, Obstetrics Breech Delivery, Cesarean Delivery, Ectopic Pregnancy, Electronic Fetal Monitoring, Gestational Diabetes, Gynecology Emergencies, High Risk Obstetrics, Hospitalist Medicine, OBGYN, Obstetrical Emergencies, Postpartum Hemorrhage, Preeclampsia, TOLAC, VBAC Virginia […]

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William R. Phillips, Jr, MD

Hospital Medicine, Hospitalist, Internal Medicine Adult Respiratory Distress, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Delirium, Drug Effects/Reactions, DVT/PE, Electrolyte Abnormalities, Encephalopathy, Geriatrics, Heart Failure, Hematology, Hospital Medicine, Hospitalist, Hospitalist Medicine, Identifying Standards of Care, Internal Medicine, Medical Billing, Medical Care Standards of Care, Medical Malpractice, Oncology, Pulmonary Embolism, Respiratory Failure, Sepsis, Standards of Care Massachusetts […]

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