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Tristan E Bickman, MD

Fertility/Infertility, Gynecology, OBGYN, Obstetrics & Gynecology Abnormal Pap Smear, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Abruption, Birth Trauma, Cervical Dysplasia, Chorioamnionitis, Degree Tear, Ectopic Pregnancy, Failure To Diagnose Cancer, Fertility, Fetal Birth Injury, Fetal Death, Fetal Distress, Fetal Heart Rate Tracings, Fetal Intolerance Of Labor, Fibroids, Gestational Diabetes, Gynecology, Hemorrhage, High Risk Pregnancy, Hormones, Hysterectomy, Infertility, Intrauterine Growth […]

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Dr. Joseph McIsaac, MD, MS, MBA, CPE, NACD.DC, FASA

General Anesthesiology, Pediatric Anesthesiology Airway Management (especially difficult airways), Bioengineering, Biological, Cardiovascular, Chemical, Coagulopathy, Disasters, Hemorrhage, Massive Transfusion, Monitoring, Non-OR Anesthesia, Nuclear Casualty Management (CBRN), Patient Safety, Pediatric Anesthesia, Quality, Radiological, Resuscitation, Risk and Crisis Management, Risk Reduction, Technology, Temperature and Hypothermia Reduction, Trauma Florida […]

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Kimberly A. Bowman, MD, FACOG

Gynecology, Obstetrics Abnormal Labor, Asphyxia, Birth Injury, Birth Trauma, Cesarean Section, Cord Prolapse, Ectopic Pregnancy, Fetal Monitoring, Gestational Diabetes, Hemorrhage, HIE, High Risk Pregnancy, Informed Consent, Laparoscopy, Obstetrics, Preeclampsia, Preterm Labor, Shoulder Dystocia, TOLAC, Vacuum, VBAC Oklahoma […]

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