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Brian Daniel Sullivan

Executive Clinical Director, Experienced Nursing Administrator, Former Director of Nursing Antipsychotics, Assisted Living, Bed Sores, Compliance, Dementia, Geriatrics, Group Homes, Infection, Long Term Care, Nursing Rehabilitation, Patient Falls, Policies and Procedures, Pressure Sores, Residential Care Facility, Restraints, Risk Management, Sepsis, Side Effects, Skilled Nursing Facility, Ulcer, Wound Care Pennsylvania […]

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Charles Heller, Ph.D.

Forensic Psychology, Psychology Alcohol, Attempted Murder, Autism, Battered Woman Syndrome, Child Abuse, Child Custody Evaluations, Child Sexual Abuse, Clergy Sex Abuse, Clinical Psychology, Criminal Behavior, Criminal Defense, Criminal Psychiatry, Custody Issues, Dangerousness/Criminal Assessment, Delayed Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Emotional Suffering, False Allegations, False Allegations of Abuse, Foster Care, Group […]

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