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Paul L. Johnson

Construction, Construction Defects, High-End Residential Construction Ada Codes, Cabinetry/trim Installations, Construction Delays, Construction Settlement, Construction Site, Contracts, CPM Scheduling, Critical Path, Critical Path Scheduling, Demolition, Design Process, Doors, Doorways, Exterior Finishes, Fenestration Issues (Windows and Doors), Finish Carpentry, Flooring, Floors, Frames, Framing, High-End Bathroom Remodeling, High-End Construction, High-End Kitchen Remodeling, High-End New Home Construction, High-End […]

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Ted S Merrill

Construction, Construction Damages Accident Reconstruction (Construction), Building Repairs, Cabinets, Carpentry, Construction, Construction Contracting, Construction Damages, Construction Defects, Construction Disputes, Construction Estimates, Decay and Defects, Decks, Finish Carpentry, Floors & Flooring, Foundation Movement, Foundation Repair, Framing, House Repairs, Installation, Molding/Paneling, Residential, Restoration (Fire Water and Mold), Scheduling Delay and Analysis, Stair and Stairways California […]

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