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Tony Turnbull

Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Criminal Prosecution, Law Enforcement, Police Practices & Procedures Civil Rights Violations, Cold Case Homicides, Crime Scene Processing and Analysis, Criminal Investigations, Criminalistics, Death Investigations, False Allegations, General Investigations, Homicide, In-Custody Death Investigations, Internal Affairs, Interview & Interrogation Techniques, Investigations, Investigative Procedures, Jails and Prisons, Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement Standards of Practice, […]

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Frank R. Vanecek

Law Enforcement, Police Practices and Procedures .Criminal Investigations, .Police Practices, .Use of Excessive/Deadly Force, Biometrics, Civil Rights Violations, Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Justice, Deadly Force, Death Investigation, Deaths in Police Custody, False Allegations, False Arrest, False Conviction, Fingerprints, Firearms, Firearms Instruction, Forensic Investigations, Gangs, Homicide, Identification, Incident Management, K-9, Law Enforcement, Law […]

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Charles Heller, Ph.D.

Forensic Psychology, Psychology Alcohol, Attempted Murder, Autism, Battered Woman Syndrome, Child Abuse, Child Custody Evaluations, Child Sexual Abuse, Clergy Sex Abuse, Clinical Psychology, Criminal Behavior, Criminal Defense, Criminal Psychiatry, Custody Issues, Dangerousness/Criminal Assessment, Delayed Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Emotional Suffering, False Allegations, False Allegations of Abuse, Foster Care, Group […]

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