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Karl R. Leinsing, MSME, PE — ATech Designs, Inc.

Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Devices, Patents -Failure Analysis, AAA Stents / Repair, Auto-injector, Automation, Bed Rails, Biomedical Engineering, Bone Anchors, Cardiovascular Devices, Catheters, Cervical Screws/Plates, Contrast Injectors, Electrical Engineering, Ergonomics, Facility Engineering, Forensic Engineering, Hernia Repair, Hernia Repair Mesh & Staplers, Hospital Design, Human Factors, ICU Medical Devices, Implants, Infusion Pumps, Inhalers (e-cigarettes), Insulin […]

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George B. Page, BSE, MSE, CPE

Human Factors, Industrial Engineering, Safety, Workplace Safety Accident Reconstruction, ADA Analysis, Biomechanical Analysis, Biomechanical Modeling, Biomechanics, Compliance, Ergonomics, Health and Safety, Human Factors, Industrial Accidents, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Hygiene, Job Safety Analysis, Machine Safety, Manufacturing Accidents, Material Handling, Occupational Injury, Occupational Risk Management, Physical Demands Assessments, Regulatory and Consensus Standard Initiatives, Return to […]

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Lee T. Ostrom, PhD, CSP, CPE

Ergonomics, Human Factors, Occupational Safety, Risk Assessment Ergonomics, Human Factors, Industrial Safety, Occupational Safety, Process Industry, Risk Assesment, Situational Awareness, Workplace Safety Idaho […]

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