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Lawrence Hunter, PhD

Criminal Justice, Criminology Management, Defensive Tactics, Excessive Force, Forensic Psychology, Human Behavior, Implicit Bias, Internal Investigations, Law Enforcement, Leadership, Patrol Techniques, Police Procedures, Policies and Procedures, Psychology, Supervision, Training, Use of Force Crime Prevention, Criminal Behavior, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Justice, Criminal Responsibility, Criminology, Law Enforcement, Police Ethics, Police Practices and Procedures, Security Consultation, Security Training, […]

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Martin Blinder, MD

Forensic Psychiatry, Psychiatry Child Custody, Closed Head ‘Minor’ Brain Injury, Criminal Responsibility, Dog Bites, Drug Toxicity, Emotional Distress, Eyewitness Fallibility, Head Injury, Mental Competence, Personal Injury, Psychiatric Malpractice, Psychic Trauma, Psychopharmacology, Sex Offender, Sexual Harassment, Testamentary Capacity, Undue Influence, Wrongful Termination California […]

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Jeff Victoroff M.D., FAAN

Brain Injury, Neurology, Psychiatry Alzheimers Disease, Brain Injury/Trauma, Concussion, Criminal Responsibility, Dementia, Depression, Epilepsy, Head Injury, Head Trauma, Malingering (Psychiatry), Memory Disorders, Mild Head Injury, Neurological Disorders, Neurology Trauma, Neuropsychiatry, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychiatric Disorders, Psychiatric Medicine, Psychiatric Personal Injury, Psychiatric Trauma, Psychiatry, Psychosis, Stroke, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Testamentary Capacity, Testimonial Capacity, Traumatic […]

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