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Frank Ferrese, PhD

Electrical Engineering Appliances, Boiler Controls, Circuit Design, Commercial, Communication Systems, Consulting, Dishwashers, Electrical Fires, Electrical Shock Electrocution Emergency Generator Sizing, Emergency Generators, Forensic Electrical Engineering, Heaters, High Intensity Discharge Lamps, High Pressure Discharge, Incandescent, Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Consulting, Lamps, LED, Lighting Systems, Low Pressure Discharge Lamps, Manufacturing Plant, Municipal Electrical Systems, National Electrical Code […]

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William Switalski, PE

Building Codes, Failure Analysis, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, OSHA, Slip Trip and Fall Aerial Work Platforms, Agricultural Machinery, Appliances, Automatic Pinsetters, Boom Trucks, Building Codes, Construction Machinery, Construction Safety, Conveyors, Cranes, Cranes And Hoists, Doors, Doors And Door Opening/closing Systems, Exercise Equipment, Failure Analysis, Fasteners, Fitness Equipment, Forklifts, Furniture, Hand And Power Tools, Hydraulic Engineering, […]

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