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Howard F Berkowitz

Transportation ADA, ADA Compliance, ADA Design-Accessibility, ADA Transportation Compliance, Expert Witness Testimony in all Transit Sectors, Mass Transit, NEMT, NMTS, Non-Emergency Medical Transport, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Non-Medical Transportation, Para-Transit, Ride-Hail, Ride-Sharing, Taxi, Taxicab, Transportation, Transportation Safety, Wheelchair Securement, Wheelchair Transportation, Wheelchair Transports Florida […]

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Jack G Cohen

Automotive, Transportation Appraisals, Auto Appraisals, Auto Evaluations, Auto Insurance Claims, Automobile Rentals, Automobiles, Automotive, Credit File and Qualifications, Dealerships, Diminished Values, Evictions, Foreclosures, Heavy Equipment Rentals, Industry Standards, Private Money Lending (Real Estate) California […]

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Richard W Carr, PhD, CDS

OSHA, Safety, Transportation, Transportation Expert Witnesses Accidents., Cargo, CDL, Commercial Drivers, DOT, Driver Hiring Standards, Driver Qualifications, Drug and Alcohol, ELD, Fleet Safety, FMCSA, FMCSR, Forklifts, Hazardous Materials, Hours of Service, Loading, OSHA, Record Retention, Standard of Care, Tank Truck, Training, Unloading, Vehicle Inspection Florida […]

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